How can the concept of modernity be expressed if not with movement and refusal to immobility? The transformation, the movement are a symptom of the will to improve, to understand and evolve, aspects that fully represent the vision of SEB-BARLASSINA, and this is why it has embarked on an updating path that touches many aspects, first of all the seat.

SEB-BARLASSINA moved from the historic headquarters to the new location in Via Antonio Chiribiri, 3 in Trofarello, offices, research and development center and the workshops represent the will to keep pace with the quality demands that the market requires, and in parallel a restyling of the image completes the path of renewal, the new site, which, moreover, you are browsing, is the desire to update even from a communicative point of view and make available to all its customers, materials and in-depth information, essential services for a relationship profitable.