SEB is the Electronic & System Division of the Col Giovanni Paolo SpA Group. Offices, R&D and manufacturing plant are located in Trofarello (Turin, Italy). SEB develops and manufactures electronic devices for protection and measurement in electric plants.

The main products are:

  • Protection Relays and Protection System for electric grids and machines
  • Measurement transducers for HV measurement.

SEB owns more than 50 years experience in protection and measurement systems. The main customers are:

  • Utilities
  • Electrical Energy Users (Industries, Railways Companies, Airports)
  • Contractors for Electrical HV/MV plants and Switchboards manufacturers.



continuity of an important Italian tradition

SEB is a company that designs and manufactures protection and measurement devices for electricity generators and distribution plants. SEB is part of the Col Giovanni Paolo SpA Group, based in Moncalieri (Turin).

SEB started in 1952, manufacturing electrodynamic measurement instruments and electromechanical protection relays at its plant in Barlassina (Milan), which the well known electrotechnical company “Allocchio Bacchini” formerly occupied.

Subsequent SEB experience of working with the French company “Compagniè dès Compteurs” enabled it to become one of the leading brands in the Italian electrotechnical market within a short time.

In the 1980’s, SEB was acquired by Schlumberger Industries, and became its electronic and systems division in Italy; it continued as a Schlumberger division until 2001, when the Schlumberger’s RMS division was sold to the French company Actaris Metering System.
Actaris then sold the electonic division to the Col Giovanni Paolo SpA Group in 2003.

SEB now manufactures products such as protection relays, digital measurement transducer and other devices for electricity measurement and control. SEB is proud to continue such an important industrial tradition in Italy.